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Senior Female Teacher


The Mount Vernon Educational Foundation supports teachers by providing funds that allow them to employ new ideas for engaging students, technology that enhances student learning, and projects or programs that create new experiences that broaden the students’ perspective.

Within this basic framework, MVEF will consider a broad range of requests.


Grants will be awarded for teacher-initiated and/or school-initiated programs or projects. MVEF can provide seed money for pilot programs or projects that will be on-going but may not be able to provide repeat funding. MVEF funds will generally not cover t-shirts or consumables, and sports equipment will generally not be funded unless it is related to the physical education curriculum.


  • Grant requests ranging from $200-$2,000 called Mini Grants can be submitted year-round via the Grant Application.  

  • Annual grants above $2,000 need to be submitted by April 15th for implementation the following school year.


Submission of Application: Application criteria and requirements are below. Annual Grant and Mini Grant applications are below. Simply print and fill them out and email them to Eileen Justino along with supporting documents.

Approval Process: The Mount Vernon Educational Foundation’s, Program and Grants Committee will review all applications. For each grant application submitted, the committee shall make one of the following recommendations: (a) disapproval; (b) recommend resubmission with conditions and/or modifications; or (c) approval.


Notification: Applicants will be notified via email within 30-60 days of application receipt. The number of awards and the amount of the awards will depend on funds available from MVEF and the discretion of the Board of Directors. ALL equipment and materials funded by the Mount Vernon Educational Foundation become the property of the City of Mount Vernon School District.


We applaud your creativity and your enthusiasm for enriching the educational experience of the Mount Vernon City School District’s students. Funding for MVEF grants is a competitive process, and grants are selected from a robust field of applicants.

If you have additional questions, please email Eileen Justino.

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