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Previous Campaigns

Throughout the Foundation’s more than 15 year history, our support and fundraising efforts have centered on meeting specific extra-curricular school district challenges and funding grants dedicated to increasing parent participation in programs, fostering regional and global awareness and exposure, promoting literacy enrichment and teaching skills designed to enhance the overall well-being of students and parents.


Some highlights and examples of the programs and grants funded by the MVEF during its most active years include:

Robotics Campaign 2022

The Educational Foundation raised $22,000 for the after school
robotics program pilot, which was successfully implemented for 5th and 6th
graders at Benjamin Turner school. The program provided hands-on
and team-based learning for our middle school students.

Save Our Sports

In July 2009, MVEF was designated the lead charity by the Mount Vernon City School District in saving the 2008/09 school sports program, after raising over $875,000 to save sports. Read the feature in the New York Times here.

Passport to Success

$10,000 for Passport to Success awarded to the Mount Vernon City School District to continue support of increased parental involvement.

Scripps National Spelling Bee

$1,450 for the 2009 Scripps National Spelling Bee awarded to the Mount Vernon City School District to support the district’s participation in the competition.

Model United Nations

 $1,750 for Model United Nations Club awarded at Thornton High School to provide an opportunity for a team of twenty students to gain global awareness and develop negotiating and problem-solving skills.

Family Reading Fun

$2,000 for Family Reading Fun awarded at Longfellow Elementary School to support a school-wide literacy enrichment initiative.

Plants and Animals

$1,500 for Plants and Animals in their Environments awarded at Williams Elementary School enabling the teacher to purchase portable science habitats for hands-on instructional teaching.

Project Awareness

$5,000 for Project Awareness awarded at the Franko Middle School giving students the opportunity to develop strategies to address environmental problems, such as global warming.


$1,725 for Kids-for-the-Earth awarded at the Traphagen Elementary School creating a hands-on service program in which students learn how human decisions and activities can have a profound impact on the physical and living environment.

In Pursuit of Our Environment

$2,000 for In Pursuit of Our Environment awarded at Thornton Elementary School providing opportunities for students to venture from the classroom.

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